What is Marbotic ?

Marbotic uses wooden letters and numbers to help teach pre schoolers to read and count. The wooden toys are recognised by the tablet and allows for fun activities inspired by the Montessori method.

The Marbotic app contains 7 educationnal activities that use the wooden toys and the Mr Fingers app plays using hands detection. Both apps are fully voiced and translated in 6 languages.

My role at Marbotic

I worked at Marbotic as a developer on their two apps. We were a small team so I had my hands in pretty much all of the aspects of the apps.

That being said here are a few of the things I worked on :

  • Making the vocabulary activity from the ground up

  • Localization systems and integration in both apps we maintain

  • Adapting and porting the Marbotic app on Android

  • Integrating the apple in app purchases system

  • Developing the gameplay of the Mr Finger app