Naej Doree

Hi, I'm NaejDoree, a french game developer who's passionate about indie games and animation.

I started making games when I was 13 years old, starting with GDevelop and picking up Unity in 2015, and never stopped.

Professional experience


I'm working with Albyon on a Gundam interactive movie in VR 

I also worked on a space exploration game with them


I worked with Marbotic on educationnal games mixing reality and video games to help kids learn numbers and letters

TeamTO Games

I worked as a Gameplay Programmer at TeamTO Games and made more than 20 mobile games with them


I worked at CodinGame on their AI game engine and on AI games for their clients and their community

Personal projects

Two Gether

A two player coop game about navigating your identity

I was the only programmer on our jam team and also worked on the technical art

7s to process - Arte Game Jam

A game I made in a team of 6 people for the Arte Game Jam. The game is an ensemble of 7 fast paced minigames

The game was well received and even got some press coverage

Flappy typer: Ghost talk

A flappy bird typing game that started out as a deviation on a technical test and ended up in a bundle and being the first game that made me money

My other games

Try out the games I made during my spare time and school years on my itch page !

Contact me

You can contact me on LinkedIn or via the following email address :